This is a digital download package.

Included are step, stl, photos and Fusion360 file.


Did some fitment optimization and also compared against stock. It is a little noisier, however definetely puts out more air flow. That's a win in my book :D guess the noise comes from the vacuum nozzles of the rim, as suggested by Prot0typ1cal's simulation. Cheers for that mate! Have fun printing this! Suggested printing orientation is upright with support for the inner ring overhang. Otherwise the wing profile is too steep and would get messed up by support.

Edit: just did a test on 5V, the result was a really quiet operation and also it feels like twice as much throughput than the original fan. It really makes a difference.

This is an entry to James' (Major Hardware on youtube and thingiverse) competition of a case fan design. The blade sweep extrusion spline is inspired by a high voltage plasma vortex spinning in between two tubular magnets.

Please print with 

no rotation - designed to be printed on bottom,
support for 80°/10° overhang, depending on your slicer,
6 perimeters,
detect small walls on, 

- z distance 0.15mm / xy distance 1mm / z over xy
- type zig zag, 1.5mm line distance
- interface layers
- support only horizontal, buildplate only 



Digital Download - PLASMA VORTEX BLADE FAN for Noctua A12-X25

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